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TNS Script Development Workshop Series

Below are the current series of workshop options offered by The New Screenwriter...

Whether its the short narrative form, actors writing parts for themselves, horror lovers terrifying us OR the whether its tackling the arduous task of a feature film screenplay; whether its your first screenplay or your tenth, The New Screenwriter offers 6, 8, or 12 week courses in screenwriting. Just click on the links below to see expanded descriptions of each, it's current dates, and amazing prices. We look forward to seeing you in whatever room you choose... keep writing!

Check out our LIVE rewrite on a script!

"Steve gets you writing right off the bat. As a student, you benefit from the clarifying guidance of his many years of experience as both story analyst and writer, offered with a light and encouraging touch, and never dumbed down."


Join screenwriters from around the world in being guided from idea seed to logline, to big beat outline on into the extended outline then onto the script. We'll explore story structure, scene & sequence development, the elements of tone, relevance of theme, & creating 3D character relationships that affect... so dive in here!

Heads Up! Fingers on Keys!
Don't be afraid! Just Write!

Learning to build three-dimensional character biographies, identify the power of structure, master screenplay formatting, engage in world-building through designing the right setting for your story can seem daunting in the long-form feature realm, so why not start with the increasingly salable short form... dive in here


This workshop drives Actors from around the world to take control of their own work through exploring the craft of visual storytelling. Actor/Writers will be guided through the process of developing and writing a short film screenplay using big beat outlining & character development processes polished into a production-ready 6-8 page final draft in just 6 weeks... dive in here

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Indulging in the thrill of creating short-form terror, screenwriters from around the world will explore the craft of short form visual storytelling with a horror/thriller focus in this exclusive workshop. Writers will be guided through the process of developing and writing a 10-15-page short film screenplay through the extensive outlining & character development process, and into a polished first draft in 6 weeks... dive in here

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