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Structure rules!


In all honesty, it takes the right mix of craft and business savvy to be a successful screenwriter. Building complex worlds and plots or crafting compelling characters starts with a solid understanding of craft, but possessing those skills in a vacuum won’t amount to much without nurturing strong industry relationships, keeping abreast of marketing & acquisition trends, and staying current on new & varied forms distribution platforms take. These are key components a large percentage of screenwriting programs fail to cover. Here at The New Screenwriter, we provide both the craft expertise, and business consulting services that will ensure you are giving your work the best opportunity to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. In the long run, you'll develop content strategies that can't help but attract management, financiers and talent to your work.

Words on a page!


From the curious novice whose idea is scribbled on a coffee-stained napkin to the seasoned professional looking for that complete development package, The New Screenwriter is a one-stop shop for all levels of screenwriters & filmmakers. With 17+ years of developing film & TV, business consulting for studios and agencies, providing specialized education services to film schools and universities, and an extensive rolodex of studio executives, producers, filmmakers, sales agents, talent managers, film financiers and agents, The New Screenwriter is well-equipped to guide you in making sure your individualized goals mesh with the desires of a voracious content-buying industry.

                                   - Steven Douglas Craig

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