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Developing The Narrative Short Screenplay 

May 2nd, 2024

3-5pm PST / 6-8
pm EST
12 weeks in total

Head in the clouds, fingers on the key!

In this exclusive workshop taught by seasoned movie studio executive & pro screenwriter Steven Douglas Craig, writers from around the globe will be guided through developing a short film screenplay, from the seed, through extensive outlining, and into a polished First Draft. Not once, but twice! That’s two short film screenplays in 12 weeks!

This course provides an essential steppingstone for aspiring directors and filmmakers who want to demonstrate their abilities with the narrative short screenplay form.


This course has been designed to develop basic writing abilities for the screen by focusing on the narrative short form. Analyzing successful short films (& screenplays) while writing you own, we’ll focus on structure, character development, theme, the role of conflict, strategies for writing effective dialogue and the importance of setting. Most importantly, you’ll learn to utilize these elements in your own work.​​

While writing in & out of class, this course will use a combination of lectures, short form analysis, reading/analyzing scripts, writing exercises and workshopping of participants' with the goal of developing your voice as a writer for the screen.​

NOTE FOR THE FIRST CLASS: Please come to the first class prepared to PITCH TWO short form concepts. Your pitches should give a clear, concise, two or three-sentence answer to the questions “Who is your protagonist? Where is the story set? What is the antagonistic force? What is the crisis?”


Thursday May 2nd, 2024

3-5pm PST / 6-8pm EST

12 weeks (Ends July 18th)


Sessions will be held on Zoom

 ID + Password + requirements for class will be provided one week before commencement.  


Seasoned Studio Executive & Pro Screenwriter Steven Douglas-Craig.



** Payment in full upfront for entire 12 weeks will be - $699.00


** Pay first installment before first class then second installment before June 13, 2024.

$300.00 + $499.00 = $799.00


For a fee of $175, you can join all 12 classes and listen in to lectures, advice and opinions of those in the workshop.

You won't be able to submit work or offer opinion, BUT you will glean valuable information on the process with an option on a discounted price in future workshop series. NO LIMIT ON AMOUNT OF AUDITORS!

REFUND POLICY: Refund requests made prior to the start date of any program will be processed as site credit. 

Credits may be used towards any service on this site, up to the full amount refunded. 

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