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‘Let’s talk character vs plot.'

What comes first, character or plot? 
What if my idea came BEFORE my character?
Where do I begin with creating a character?
Do I need biographies for ALL of my characters?
How are believable characters created? 
Can you have two main characters?

‘Is outlining important? Why?'

What comes first, the character development or the outline?
Should I outline at all before writing the script? What is the point?
How much time should I spend on the outline before writing the script?
What's the difference between an outline & treatment? Do I need both? 
What is a big beat outline? How is if different for an extended outline?

What is a scene, and how do I write one?

What is a scene, and how does it function?
How long should a scene be?
The setting of a scene, and it's importance
What is a bridge scene?
What scenes should be cut from a script?

How do I write Dialogue?

What is the function of dialogue?
How do I find a character's voice?
Developing different voices for different characters
When should I use Voice Over or Narration?
Should I use narration at all, and if so, how? 

Formatting and Other Screenplay Essentials

What is the proper format/structure of a screenplay?
What is the aim of the first draft compared to later drafts (e.g. production draft)?
Who should I have read my work after I think it’s in shape?
Free videos



How can I find out what I should be writing?

How will I know what to write?
What if I want to write in more than one genre?
Are there rules for each different movie genre? 
Do some genres sell better than others? Why?
Is there a difference between writing and pitching for film vs. TV?

Do I Write for Streaming, Cable, or Cinema?

What are the differences in writing for streaming/cable and theatrical? 
Should I be writing toward a streaming or theatrical budget?
Lets talk writing for the Movies of the Week (MOWs) market.
What the some differences between Union and Non-Union Writing?

Managers or Agents: Chicken or the Egg? 

What are the main differences between a talent agent and manager?
Do you need an agent or manager to get your film made? 
How do I get a manager or agent to read my work? 
What kind of material should I be submitting to a potential rep? 
Are screenplay competitions a good way to get your script read by a manager or agent? 

What is meant by the term 'Film Packaging'?

What does 'packaging a film' actually mean? 
Who is responsible for packaging a film?
Is there only one way to package a film? 
Who do I go to when considering packaging my film/TV Series?

Film Financing: The Nuts and Bolts

How is packaging related to film financing?
Who is responsible for financing a film?
How is a film financed?
Is it harder to finance an Indie Film? 
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