The New Screenwriter

Coaching a Career, Not Just Coverage


Deciding on screenwriting as a career is like committing to walking up a steep hill forever! It's hard work, long hours, aching muscles, and masochistic. But when you can finally see that peak! Bliss. Don't even need to stand on it. Just see it. My first look at a peak came when a spec I wrote fell into the hands of the Showrunner on the hit CBS TV series Hawaii Five-O.  Opportunity meeting preparation. He liked it. I sold them my first ever TV pitch! And if I can do it, so can you! 


After graduating from the American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory with an MFA in Screenwriting, I had a big bag of tools I could use to conceptualize and craft original screenplays, but a deeper understanding of the industry and it's players was also needed. So, I successfully applied for a coveted story analyst and junior executive position with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions, and  quickly acquired the knowledge necessary for packaging projects geared toward the commercial, high-concept desires of the industry. Working story on titles such as Faster, Attack The Block, The Raid, War Room, Looper, Evil Dead (2013), The Insidious Horror Franchise, Don’t Breathe, and many others was also part of my portfolio as was connecting with  top-tier network, studio, agency and production executives. Then with a new TV pilot and Feature script in hand , I was able to pitch several of these contacts which eventually lead to representation. Not gonna be the same path for everyone... except writing and polishing those spec gems. 

It all seems so far removed from toiling inside a BFA in theater and film studies at The Queensland Institute Of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. And that's my point. There's no instant-success formula you can drink. And neither should there be. I spent over a decade working in the Australian and American theater, film and TV industry as an actor, writer and director before receiving a government grant from the Australia Council For The Arts to travel through the USA, Canada And Europe studying theater before finding screenwriting as a creative foundation.


No matter how high the climb seems, I hope to help those willing to mine their inherent talent by putting in the hard work. There's no time limit that can be applied to creativity and passion - beyond those there's only hard work, dedication and developing solid, structured understanding of the craft of telling that story that is nagging at you to be told. That will be your measure of success. And the primary reasons why I've created The New Screenwriter.


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