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Fall 2022

Writing The Feature
Film Workshop 

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Join screenwriters from around the world in this inaugural 'Writing The Feature Film' workshop taught by seasoned studio veteran & pro screenwriter Steven Douglas Craig.  Writers will be guided through the process of writing a feature length screenplay from idea to finished first script pass. We'll explore story structure, scene & sequence development, the elements of tone, relevance of theme, & creating 3D character relationships that affect.


The goal is to guide writers in the creation of a feature length screenplay over the course of 15 weeks (no mean feat!). Steve will provide an opportunity to explore advanced dramatic structure, the minutiae of scene development, tone, style, three-dimensional character & relationship development, as well as explore film genre relationships.

Together, you’ll build a screenplay blueprint using a combination of lectures, visual presentations, analytical discussion, & lots of writing! All will be designed to stimulate an understanding of screenplay development & it's place in the business of writing. We will heavily workshop work in class with the intention of developing your voice & craft as a writer. It is hoped that you will complete a feature screenplay first draft (85-110 pages) by end of sessions.


NOTE: Please come to first class prepared to PITCH TWO FEATURE FILM CONCEPTS. Your pitches should give a clear, concise, two or three-sentence answer to the questions “Who is your protagonist? Where is the story set? What is the antagonistic force? What is the crisis?”


OCT. 19, 2022  to FEB 8, 2023  WEDNESDAYS - 6-9pm EST.

(Note: There'll be a two week break over holiday period.)


Sessions will be held on Zoom

 Zoom ID & Password + requirements for class #1 will be provided on a group email chain a week before commencement (Oct. 12th).  


Seasoned Studio Executive & Professional Screenwriter Steven Douglas-Craig.



** Take advantage of the $150 discount being applied if you book & pay in full before October 1st!


** After Oct. 1st, you can pay 50% on or before October 19th. Second payment due December 7th.

$675.00 + $675.00 = $1,350.00

** Only 18 spaces are being offered for this inaugural opportunity!

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