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The Polish Package




 Full Development Package

Someone's read your script & loves it! Now what?  Well, they'll likely ask you for a ONE-PAGE SYNOPSIS, LOGLINE and/or LOOK BOOK (visual treatment) in order to take it to that next level (after optioning)!

The New Screenwriter is here to collaborate with you (and/or your production company) on the building tools necessary to fulfill the request of all interested parties.  Everything you'll  need to pitch agents, managers, producers, & financiers looking to buy or option your material. 




1) A SKYPE SESSION - hashing out exactly what you're looking for in tone & content for your Look Book/Pitch Deck.  

2) DEVELOP PITCH DECK/LOOK BOOK - The New Screenwriter will construct a pitch deck, one page synopsis, & 3 logline suggestions for your project. 

3) UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS - with Steve,  for queries, questions and concerns along the way. 

** DISCLAIMER - it is the advice of The New Screenwriter that after a pitch you NEVER leave your work behind until at least an option agreement is in place.

You've created (or optioned) a dynamite concept! You have a screenplay that's captured the essence of what you want to produce! You want to pitch it, but now it needs crafting & a dialogue polish, but you have other projects to focus on.


The New Screenwriter can 'GHOST' a polish of your screenplay then provide DEVELOPMENT NOTES on where the story might be improved. Plus, The New Screenwriter will assist in developing your LOOK BOOK & ONE PAGE SYNOPSIS.


1) A  SKYPE SESSION - hashing out exactly what is & isn't working with your screenplay, & discuss bonus segments if you are planning to include Look Book into package.  

2) PROFESSIONAL SCRIPT POLISH & DEVELOPMENT NOTES - we'll  focus on polish structure, transitions, formatting & dialogue then providing notes with polish.


3) UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS - with Steve,  for queries, questions and concerns along the way. 

4) LOOK BOOK, ONE PAGE SYNOPSIS & LOGLINE CREATION - The essential companions in a pitch when you've finished that script. 

Maybe it's a book! A memoir! Stage Play! Old Script! A life well lived. The New Screenwriter will collaborate on adaptation, structural & execution processes bringing your story to life.

The New Screenwriter will provide the full development experience from big beats to finished script (Plus a fully developed Look Book, 3 logline possibilities & one page synopsis).  


1) 2 HOUR SKYPE SESSION - fleshing out direction of project. 

2) EXTENDED OUTLINE - The New Screenwriter will create a Big Beat outline of project. Once approved, it will then be expanded into full outline then...

3) FIRST PASS OF SCRIPT - this will be extracted directly from approved outline/Treatment (with option to rewrite script available, if needed). 

4) DEVELOP ONE PAGE SYNOPSIS & LOG LINE - These will be provided with finished first draft of script. 

5) UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS - with Steve,  for queries, questions and concerns along the way. 

6) POLISHED LOOK BOOK - This will be an visual treatment of your story, world & characters giving your pitch a visible stimulant on how the film may look suggesting tone & genre.