From Chaos to Order




From Order to Structure




From Structure to Script

We'll organize & compile any post-it notes, doodling or coffee-stained napkins you've jotted on, & turn 'em into an industry-standard BIG BEAT OUTLINE which will serve as your story foundation. Whether you're a newbie writer, student, hobbyist or Indie Producer, this service will define & refine character choices, build your plot & elevate your high concept in prep for expanding to a full outline. 


1) A BIG BEAT OUTLINE - is developing main pressure points of story. The New Screenwriter will provide a template you can use as a guide to creating the big emotional beats of your story.


2) MAIN CHARACTER BIO - This process will help you flesh out main characters into three dimensions. The New Screenwriter will provide templates, questionnaires and a starter PPT for use in creating visual & written bios for main characters simultaneously.

3) A 30 MINUTE SKYPE SESSION - At the end of this process we will connect to analyze & discuss next steps AFTER we’ve looked over & honed your big beats.

4) UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS - with Steve,  for queries, questions & concerns along the way. 

We will begin building an EXTENDED OUTLINE by adding story beats between those big beats fleshing out a fuller story. We'll define main character wants & needs, plot trajectory & obstacles. Supporting characters will blossom bringing your story to life in time to dive into the formatted page of our screenplay.


1) EXTENDED OUTLINE - The New Screenwriter will work with you on filling in gaps between big beats. This will help us define & refine story structure no matter what the page count is (for now). 

2) DEVELOPMENT NOTES - The New Screenwriter will provide professional-grade story notes on the first pass of your outline, so you can rewrite from there.

3) 30 MINUTE  SKYPE SESSIONto address queries in preparation for next stage.

4) UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS - with Steve,  for queries, questions & concerns along the way. 

The New Screenwriter will help you take that polished outline to treatment working scene transitions, character development, dialogue rewrites & location slug lines (it's like a script without formatting). Using your preferred screenwriting software (Final Draft or Highland being our weapons of choice), The New Screenwriter will hammer that final story development nail in adding & subtracting what works & what doesn’t before heading to script.  



1) FULL TREATMENT - The New Screenwriter will help break your outline into individual scenes & sequences. Each scene will include elements of description, maybe some dialogue if we decide we can 'hear it', and maybe even a new scene or two based on what we find. Prepare to delete, combine and add.

2) DEVELOPMENT NOTES - The New Screenwriter provides feedback on completed treatment. 

3) A 30 MINUTE SKYPE SESSION - in prep for diving into our next stage - THE SCRIPT!

4) UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS - with Steve,  for queries, questions and concerns along the way.