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Scene 3 - Structure to Script (Click Pic)

To script 3.jpg
To script 3.jpg

Scene 3 - Structure to Script (Click Pic)


IN THIS SCENE, you and The New Screenwriter WILL take that polished outline to treatment working scene-by-scene transitions, character development, dialogue possibilities and location slug lines. A virtual script without format. Using your preferred screenwriting software (Final Draft being my weapon of choice) we will hammer that final story development nail in before heading to script.  


1) FULL TREATMENT - we'll break outline into scenes. Each scene will have elements of description and maybe some dialogue if we 'hear it'. Prepare to delete, combine and add beats.

2) STORY DEVELOPMENT NOTES on completed document. 

3) Unlimited email access to with any queries, questions and concerns along the way. 

4) 2 x 45 minute SKYPE SESSIONS in prep for diving into our next stage - THE SCRIPT... 

So, go ahead! Click on link to purchase this service, send material to and we're under way.

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