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Scene 1 - From Chaos to Order (Click Pic)

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NS 7.jpg

Scene 1 - From Chaos to Order (Click Pic)


IN THIS SCENE, we'll organize and compile any Post-it notes, doodlings or coffee-stained napkins you've jotted notes on and turn them into an industry-standard BIG BEAT OUTLINE serving as your story foundation. Whether you're a newbie writer, student, hobbyist or Indie Producer, this service will define and refine character choices, build your plot and elevate your high concept thematically in prep for expanding to a full outline. 


1) A BIG BEAT OUTLINE - develop main pressure points of story. The New Screenwriter will provide a Big Beat template you can use as a guide to creating the big emotional beats of your story.  

2) MAIN CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY - construction. This process will help flesh out main characters into three dimensions. The New Screenwriter will provide a starter PowerPoint presentation doc for use in creating visual & written bios for main characters.

3) 1 X SKYPE SESSION - at the end of this process to analyze & discuss next steps AFTER we’ve looked over and honed your big beats with you. 

4) Unlimited email access to with queries, questions and concerns along the way. 

So do it! Click on the link to purchase this service, send material to and we'll get under way.

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