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Scene 3 - Varnishing The Clay (Click Pic)


Scene 3 - Varnishing The Clay (Click Pic)


IN THIS SCENE, you and The New Screenwriter will sweat the finer details of polishing in readiness to give what we have away to a trusted critical eye (agents, managers, producers and judges of competitions if that's the route you want to take). Having created a structured format, we'll hyper focus on dialogue polishing, effective transitions, pare down description while keeping in mind - no screenplay is ever finished until it's on screen. 


1) 1 X 45 minute SKYPE SESSION discussing next steps. This will be an in-depth discussion on where you see yourself and where The New Screenwriter feels you may fit. We'll develop strategies based around resources The New Screenwriter will provide.

2) The New Screenwriter will go over your finished screenplay and tweak spelling, formatting and grammar details with you. Effectively working as an editorial eye.

3) Unlimited email access to with any queries, questions and concerns along the way. 

4) Final round of SCRIPT & STORY DEVELOPMENT NOTES mainly projecting where changes will need to be looked at if ever... 

So, go ahead! Click on link to purchase this service, send material to and we're under way.


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