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Scene 2 - The Sculpting (Click Pic)


Scene 2 - The Sculpting (Click Pic)


IN THIS SCENE, you'll still feel exhilarated at typing 'FADE OUT'. But when the euphoria wears off, the real craft must begin. With development notes in hand, we'll focus on what is and isn't working - dialogue, scene transitions, tone, structure, structure, structure (where big beats fall)!  


1) 2 X 45 minute SKYPE SESSIONS at beginning and end of your first pass. 

2) ROUND TWO OF SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT NOTES focusing on structure, dialogue, transitions between scenes, and that all-important THIRD ACT. 

3) Unlimited email access to with any queries, questions and concerns along the way. 

So, go ahead! Click on link to purchase this service, send material to and we're under way.

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