The New Screenwriter

Coaching a Career, Not Just Coverage

Let's talk about it!

You love your story! You just know it'd make a great film or TV series! But how do you know others will love it too? How do you know it's commercial enough? Is it a comedy? A Horror? A Thriller? A TV pilot? And if so, how do I write the thing!? There are a bag of questions that should be answered BEFORE you begin to outline any story.

So before committing to any Coaching or Full Development track, take up The New Screenwriter's offer of an initial SKYPE SESSION to discuss exactly what it is your trying to achieve. This will help us tailor a program of action that's right for you whether you're a novice, student, hobbyist or credited indie producer. 

The New Screenwriter is not just a coverage service (although if that's your desire, we'll cater a plan to it). We are more than that. We are a coaching and/or story consultancy service tailored to fit your needs. With The New Screenwriter you get access to sage story feedback and construction, industry standard screenplay mentoring, professional rewriting services and story development designed to fit your process. 

After years writing and working in a major studio, The New Screenwriter knows the value of blood sweat and tears; knows the value of craft before contract. A polished, structured, correctly formatted script with believable, three dimensional characters is the end game! Period! So let's touch base first. 

To schedule a session (roughly 20 minutes), email me at or contact me through social media sites below. Look forward to setting your story free.