The New Screenwriter

Coaching a Career, Not Just Coverage


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Writer Director of the original Blair Witch Project, Exists, Lovely Molly and is featured on V/H/S/2

"Steve and The New Screenwriter are a breath of honest fresh air in a cut-throat sausage factory known for eating up the unsuspecting new writer."



Academy Award nominated screenwriter of Frida and Acting Head of Screenwriting - American Film Institute Conservatory.

"It’s hard, lonely work being a writer – and really hard to find someone smart and helpful to give you an honest and constructive set of notes. Steve is the real deal. He understands story structure, plot, and character development – and he understands what it is to be a writer. He understands you."



Lead Actor of CBS hit TV series Hawaii Five-O

"Steve is quite simply a writer in the purest sense. His innate understanding of story, plot rhythms and overall structure give him the foundation necessary to tell any story - however,  it is his complex understanding of the human condition that gives him the foundation to continually create cathartic, well-rounded, three dimensional characters. Any budding writer lucky enough to work with Steve should consider themselves blessed."