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The Pitch Package (Click Pic)

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The Pitch Package (Click Pic)


Someone's read your script and loves it! Now they need a ONE-PAGE SYNOPSIS, LOGLINE and/or LOOK BOOK (Visual treatment of story) to take it to the next level.

IN THIS SCENEThe New Screenwriter will collaborate (with you and/or your production company) on building the above tools, so you'll have all you need to pitch agents, managers, producers, and financiers; anyone looking to buy or option your material. All you'll need to provide is that polished, ready-to view script! 


1) 1 X SKYPE SESSION - hashing out exactly what you're looking for in tone and content of Look Book.  

2) As well as a living LOOK BOOK pitch document - The New Screenwriter will construct One Page Synopsis, three logline suggestions and help you hone them. 

So, go ahead! Click on link to purchase this service, send material to and we're under way.

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