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The Full Development Package (Click Pic)

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Happy to begin.jpg

The Full Development Package (Click Pic)


Maybe it's a book! A memoir! A Stage Play! An Old Script! A life well lived. Doesn't matter. The New Screenwriter can collaborate on adaptation, structural and execution processes bringing that story to life. We can provide the full development experience from big beat outlines to finished script (Plus a fully developed Look Book as a bonus if you're looking to jump into that pitching pool immediately).  


1) 1 X 2 hour Skype Session fleshing out direction of project. 

2) Big Beat outline creation (extending into FULL OUTLINE/TREATMENT of the story once approved).

3) First Pass of Screenplay Treatment built directly from approved outline (with bonus option to write script available if needed). 

4) Collaboration on One Page Synopsis and Log line creation. 


5) A Ready-to-Pitch LOOK BOOK. This will be an image treatment of your story, world and characters giving your pitch a visible stimulant on how the film may look.

So, go ahead! Click on link to purchase this service, send material to and we're under way.

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