The Full Development Package

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Happy to begin.jpg

The Full Development Package


Maybe it's a book! A memoir! A Stage Play! An Old Script! A life well lived. Doesn't matter. The New Screenwriter can collaborate on adaptation, structural and execution processes bringing that story to life in a screenplay format. We can provide the full development experience from big beats to finished script (and fully developed Look Book as a bonus if you're looking to jump into that pitching pool immediately).  


1) 1 X 2 hour Skype Session fleshing out direction of project. 

2) Big Beat creation extending into FULL OUTLINE/TREATMENT of the story.

3) First Pass of Screenplay built directly from approved outline/treatment (with 1 X rewrite option available if needed). 

4) Collaboration on One Page Synopsis and Log line creation. 


5) A Ready-to-Pitch LOOK BOOK. This will be an image treatment of your story, world and characters giving your pitch a visible stimulant on how the film may look. Please $299.00 to final price for this. 

So, go ahead! Click on link to purchase this service, send material to and we're under way.

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